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Saint Maelruan

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Saint Maelruan
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                                       Maelruan - "Splendid Sun of Ireland".

 There is a little doubt that as a young monk Maelruan was a spiritual and influential man. The king of Leinster Cellacht Mac.Dunchada considered him to be a man of high religious conviction and it was he who arranged that land at Tallaght, the part of present Dublin, be provided for him and his fellow monks.

 As a monk, he first came to Tallaght, in the year 774, where he founded a monastery and was the leading person of a spiritual reform movement the Céli De whose influence lasted one hundred and fifty years. It is commonly believed that from his name that he was born near Lorrha, Co. Tipperary, and spent his early years at a monastery near River Blackwater, Co. Cork. Ferdacrich was the abbot and it seems that they may have been related.

 Despite the fact that Maelruan was not the first monk to settle in Tallaght, he was the leading figure of a new religious movement called the "Servants of God" or "Céli De", who established their home in Tallaght.




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